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Elyjah Clements donates LEGO tables to USCL

LEGO night at USCL has a new attraction for families who enjoy building with the famous building blocks. Elyjah Clements, 7, and his parents, Mychell and Kyle Clements have donated two LEGO tables to be used by children at the Library. Elyjah donated a wooden building block table and he and his parents build a folding, portable desk version that can be adjusted to different sizes.The portable table has a baseplate attached and comes with 200 building blocks. You can find more information about these tables on the Facebook page Atreyu Lego tables. Miss Jill says, "The new tables were an added treat for all who came to LEGO night! I really appreciate Mychell and Elyjah's donation!"  Elyjah is also working on a binder version of his LEGO table that is portable and can be used in the car, waiting rooms, etc.. Elyjah enjoys building these tables "because it makes me feel happy when people enjoy them." Thanks, Elyjah!

h​Elyjah Clements with a binder version of his LEGO table

Elyjah Clements with his Lego table

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